Digital Role Model.

Children are very good at “observed learning”. This means they watch, retain and replicate behaviour. Digital parenting calls for being the digital role model. We need to examine and curb our own bad digital habits this includes knowing when and where to unplug and put our gadgets down. The truth about parenting is becoming what… Continue reading Digital Role Model.

Parenting online.

Yet statistics show that 1 in 10 children admit to visiting adult content sites when their parents are not around. What you think they do online and what they actually do calls for parenting online just as we do offline. Let’s start and keep the onlinesafety conversation going.

Internet tips for parents.

Ensuring your child is safe online whilst being independent, positive and purposeful is a dilemma faced by many parents. How does one do it? Here are some tips to start you off.

Ready, Steady, Online.

Can I get Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, tictok? This is a question dreaded by parents. As a parent it is important to know the age limit of social media apps (on smartphone) and platforms Nearly all social media apps have a minimum age rating of 13 to use their service. The reason for the age limit… Continue reading Ready, Steady, Online.

Speak Out

As parents and caregivers, let us empower our children to speak out on unacceptable behaviour. Abusers tend to be familiar faces to a child, making it difficult for them to speak out. It is hard to speak out against someone you know. The African society tends to keep hushed tones on child abuse matters. We… Continue reading Speak Out

Back to school!

Happy new term! Now that the festivities are behind us, it is back to normality. It has been a long summer break for schools and I am sure for some parents it comes with a hint of joy. With a few days to go before schools open, here are a few tips to get the… Continue reading Back to school!


Happy 2020!  The new year comes full with hope, as a fresh page is placed before us.  While we reflect and make resolutions, let us not forget those that make our families better and stronger. Here are some of our suggestions for your vision board.. 1. Be Present!It sounds easy right, but with a lot… Continue reading Resolutions.

New year traditions!

Here are some of our amazing ideas New year’s Eve activities.. Balloon pop Have balloons and label them one for each hour best start for 7pm. At each hour, a child selects a balloon and pops it. Inside will be a paper with an activity for the hour. Top on our list is karaoke, dance… Continue reading New year traditions!