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Safeguarding Children.

Safeguarding of children is everyone's responsibility. It is the action taken to promote and protect the welfare of children, regardless of their age, gender, race, tribe, religion. This is done by:

- Protecting children from abuse.
- Preventing impairment of children's health and development.
- Working to ensure that children are growing up in circumstances that are consistent    with safe and effective care. 
-Working together to ensure that children have the best possible outcome. 

Abuse or Neglect? 
Abuse is the deliberate act of ill-treatment that can or is likely to harm a child's safety or wellbeing. Abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional and is commonly carried out by  adults who are in a position of trust such as family members, close members of the community, care providers and in institutions such as schools.

Neglect of a child does constitute abuse, and can be defined as persistently failing to provide for or secure a child's psychological and physical needs like their emotional needs

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