Ready, Steady, Online.

Can I get Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, tictok? This is a question dreaded by parents.

As a parent it is important to know the age limit of social media apps (on smartphone) and platforms
Nearly all social media apps have a minimum age rating of 13 to use their service. The reason for the age limit on social network means, that some content may not be suitable for younger aged children, as well as open engagement to communities with people much older than your child.
Here are some of the risks.

  • Instant message is a feature on most of the networks, opens a door to private conversations.
  • Information shared privately with friends can be copied and spread.
  • It is not easy to get information back that has been posted and shared.
  • Not everyone is who they sat they are online and your child can connect with anyone.
  • Forums and chatrooms are know places where online groomers lurk and connect with children.

It is very important to start the conversation on being safe online with your children as early as possible. Equip, inform empower their online experience.

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