Happy 2020!  The new year comes full with hope, as a fresh page is placed before us.  While we reflect and make resolutions, let us not forget those that make our families better and stronger. Here are some of our suggestions for your vision board..

1. Be Present!
It sounds easy right, but with a lot demanding our time it is possible to sit in a room with family but be miles away. This year intentionally live the moment.

2. Mirror Mirror!

Children pick up good or bad habits from those that surround them. If you want them to read more pick up a book. Become more of what you would like to see in your home.

3.  Family Meetings.
Create a open honest space in your home, that models and empowers you children/family to learn respectful communication and conflict resolution.  Allow your children to give their opinion and if old enough be part of decision making.

4. Family date!
May we not only go for Sunday lunch, let’s switch it up once in a while by having the children dress up for dinner, individually date your children, or even volunteer at a children’s home  Set a budget and allow each family member to plan the date. Be creative it doesn’t have to cost you either.

5. Eat Well and be active.
Commit to eating health family meals and keeping active. Cycle, play a sport, jog with the kids you’ll be surprised as to how easy it is for you to keep it going.

Setting goals as a family make it easier to uphold because you have each other for accountability partners. May 2020  be the year of Family.